Stockpair KIKO Options Review
Stockpair, a globally-recognized platform that provides both Binary Options and Pair Options trading, has now began offering KIKO Options, which is an innovative trading feature that pushes the boundaries of what binary options trading currently offers. This trading option was introduced in early 2015, and it has managed to generate quite a buzz in binary options trading circles.


Stockpair KIKO Options Explained

KIKO is a catchy acronym for “Knock In/Knock Out”. This trading instrument lets the trader pick which of the two price targets for a given asset will be hit first. If the trader turns out to be right, the option will expire “In the Money” (ITM) and the trader will get a payment (Knock In). If the reverse happens, and the contrary price target is hit first, the trader will be “Out of the Money” (OTM), hence receiving no payout (Knock Out).

Trade Binary Options without Expiry Times
The most distinguishing factor about a KIKO option is that there is no expiry period. The trader just needs to choose the price target they believe will be hit first and wait for as long as it takes for the market to make this happen. As a matter of fact, the fact that there are no pre-set expiry times with the use of KIKO options has earned them the name “perpetual options.”

The KIKO option should come as a welcome relief for traders who always wish that options did not have predetermined expiry times. Traders who consider binary options to be more of a gambling activity will now feel more comfortable with this binary options trading option in place, since it allows the use of trading strategies such as momentum and technical trading, which are reserved for the more established forex market.

In fact, KIKO options provide the perfect compromise for those who consider binary options trading too big of a leap from forex trading in terms of trading approach since this trading instrument allows the use of analytical market tools. Additionally, it lets this clout of traders enjoy the underlying benefits of binary options trading over forex trading such as better and easier risk control, high payouts, simplicity, and lack of hidden costs.

This instrument also improves the possibility of better payouts, which can be determined by the span the trader chooses. The payouts for this instruments can be more than 80%.The duration could be quite short, or considerably long, depending on the market conditions. For instance, during periods when major news are released, the price targets will get hit faster due to heightened volatility, but when the markets are slow or the most active markets are closed, hitting the set price could take quite a while.

Stockpair A Leader In Innovation

This is not the first time Stockpair has made a groundbreaking contribution to the binary options trading market. The financial entity is already credited with introducing pair options to the world. Pair options allow traders to trade the binary options market using two underlying assets. The pair options feature is already part of the Stockpair binary options trading platform, and now, KIKO options has joined the fray.

Stockpair is run by NXB Financial Services Ltd., a company that is licensed and regulated by the Belize International Financial Services Commission. Stockpair’s trail-brazing approaches to defining its place in the increasingly competitive binary options market is obviously working, since the KIKO feature is catching on with traders, just like its proprietary Pair Options invention did after its introduction.