Why OptionsClick?

OptionsClick is based on the highly regarded TechFinancials platform. They are also EU regulated and and feature a minimum first deposit of only $100. Also, the minimum trade size is only $10. Techfinancials is the same platform employed by 24option. So if you would like to experience all the benefits of the TechFinancials platform with a reputable and regulated broker with a lower initial deposit requirement and lower minimum trade size than 24option, then OptionsClick is for you.

OptionsClick Company Overview

OptionsClick is a binary options broker owned by Lead Capital Markets Ltd, a company regulated by CySEC, Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. OptionsClick has been dealing with binary options for 3 years, during which they have established themselves among the most reliable and reputable binary options dealers. Much of their success is attributed to their strong payouts, which is normally above the competition. This allows the trader to make a big profit in a short time frame.

OptionsClick Trading Features

In order to accommodate varying types of online traders with different trading habits, OptionsClick has created custom programs with benefits that enable traders to make the most of their individual strengths as well as financial interests. Unlike other binary options brokers, OptionsClick creates a program based on your trade habits, trade amounts, future volume, and other individual features. The website currently offers two examples of these personalized accounts–a Custom Platinum VIP Trader and a Gold VIP Trader account.

One interesting feature of OptionsClick is that it offers a return on losses. They call it insurance coverage. This return is eligible for Gold and VIP members, since they are more skilled compared to beginner traders. This is owing to the fact that inexperienced traders are more likely to make mistakes when trading for the first time. A VIP and Gold member can increase the dividend payouts when it comes to specific trades. This feature is among the aspects that set this platform apart from other binary options trading platforms.

OptionsClick is based on TechFinancials, a platform used by a number of popular brokers. This means that you won’t have any difficulty using the interface. The company is renowned for using the most up to date technology for creating tools that traders of all skill levels can easily adjust to. You won’t experience any hitches while browsing their website and you will enjoy navigating through their pages.

What is the minimum/maximum trade amount?
At OptionsClick, the minimum trade size is $10. The maximum trade size is $1,000, which means traders can’t place trades that exceed $1,000 at any one time. While it is good that there are many ways to trade, their maximum trade size is a drawback for traders who have a large bankroll and need to place big trades. If you need to execute large trades then it would be better for you to go with 24option. 24option accepts trades up to a maximum size of $100,000, the highest in the industry.

It is worth mentioning that Options Click doesn’t accept traders from the US and Canada. Another thing worth mentioning is that you have a healthy selection of currency deposits than are usual with other brokers. Aside from the usual USD, EUR or GBP, traders can also deposit in CAD or SEK and DKK.

What types of options and trades are on offer?
OptionsClick offers a wide array of option types including High/Low, One Touch, 60 second, in zone as well as outside the zone. Moreover, OptionsClick offers transparency by allowing its customers to employ hedging techniques that involves betting concurrently upward or downward on a similar asset. In terms of assets, there is a healthy selection to choose from forex, covering stocks, indices, and commodity types.

Do they offer traders any training?
A simple answer to this question is, yes. OptionsClick has a strong binary options training center, where traders can view, in different languages, a wide array of video courses on the basics of trading, fundamental and technical analysis, tips of trading as well as advanced trading strategies. These trading courses have received a great deal praise, as they allow even beginners to get started right away. Apart from video learning, OptionsClick also brings one-on-one training for traders who prefer this form of learning. While this concept is quite distinct, it’s in the best interest of OptionsClick that you are successful.

OptionsClick Deposits and Withdrawals

The initial minimum deposit asked is $100 and it’s possible to make your deposit by means of debit card, credit, wire transfer or CashU. Each first deposit gives you the right to the bonus of 30% of the amount of money you have deposited. Once you deposit the minimum deposit, you will get a standard trading account. Withdrawals are processed and the amount is transferred to the first source of funds. If you used your debit card to deposit cash for example, your payments will appear on the debit card.

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OptionsClick Customer Service

The ability to listen to customers is important to the success of any business. OptionsClick understands this all too well, which is why they offer excellent customer support services. Customer service is offered via telephone, email and live chat. Their customer representatives are patient, friendly, polite and active to answer any question you may have concerning binary options trading. They speak a number of languages, including Italian, German and Arabic. The unvarying support, especially on weekends is another big plus.


OptionsClick, without a shadow of a doubt, is an excellent trading platform for anyone who wants to jump into binary options trading. OptionsClick offers some great features, in comparison with other online binary options trading platforms. The training offered is par excellence, payouts are also high and the low minimum deposit as well as minimum trade size make it easy to get going with this broker. Not to mention also, that OptionsClick is based on the highly regarded TechFinancials platform, are EU regulated and process withdrawals swiftly and hassle free. All being considered, there are very few platforms that can compete with OptionsClick.

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